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What is innovation in culture and creative industries?

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What is innovation in the culture and creative industries?
From Silicon Valley to La Place du Jeu de balle

– A spontaneous innovation discussion @ TAG bxl – The Accessible Gallery

April 1 @ 6.30 pm 

TAG bxl is not an ivory tower type of gallery. TAG bxl aims to reconcile a wider audience with art through unique pieces by emerging, talented artists at affordable prices. The gallery is a young start up, led by two persons working with innovation, inside and outside the creative industries.

This night’s discussions brings wider art and creative industry to the gallery with a questioning on innovation and what we need to do in order to really innovate, not only cross disciplinary within the creative sectors but also cross disciplinary with other sectors.

This discussion session will consist of

1. Presentation by gallery partner Johanna Suo on how she sees innovation in a more global context within the culture and creative industries taking it down to micro level; the gallery. Johanna has a triple hat representing also Cumediae- culture and media agency Europe as well as European Cultural Parliament Youth Network (ECP YN).

2. Entrepreneur Nikolaos Maniatis, founder of Museotechniki, will speak about the ways the technology trends of 3D technologies and Internet of things effect cultural experiences. The presentation will conclude with a brief presentation on how Museotechniki goes after these opportunities.”

3. Emilie Tack, European, Artistic Policy and Institutional advisor at BOZAR will talk about potential links between cultural institutions and the industry/start-ups, and the role played by artists to act in a bottom-up manner to (re)create societal added value in Europe. Emilie has experience in innovation from former different positions in the context of EU affairs.

We will open to a wider discussion and cocktail. Welcome and let’s collaborate and innovate!

Please register by sending a mail to

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