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ifa laboratory director co-founds Artisans of Innovation

On the UN World Creativity & Innovation day ifa laboratory director Johanna Suo, together with Prof. Khawar Hameed, and Peter Rudge founded the UK based company Artisans of Innovation (AOI). AOI is an innovation consultancy specialising in human-centric innovation and cross-sector ecosystem development.
You can read Johanna Suo’s first blog contribution “The role & value of culture creative industries during the covid 19 pandemic” on the website as well as learn more about the founding trio.

You need a 360 ° view in order to innovate, that is what brought Khawar, Peter and I together. We are on the same page concerning perspectives and understanding across sectors. In some ways humans have never been so connected as now, but what still persists is that sectors are still working in isolation. We all need each other in order to find new solutions, and to innovate.

AOI recently led the Webinar ‘How the Creative, Cultural & Digital Industries Can Lead the New Post-COVID Innovation Economy’ for EURADA – European Association of Development Agencies. On this page you will also find a 12 page summary as well as the recording.

Instagram live interview with Joakim Eneroth – an artist in innovation

During the Covid 19 confinement ifa laboratory co-hosted with ifa gallery an online Instagram talk with artist Joakim Eneroth. The artist currently exhibits his brand new work Consumed Notions in Brussels.

Beyond Joakim’s talent as artist, his work exploring the origins of creativity is of central interest to ifa laboratory. Johanna Suo (J.S), director ifa laboratory asks some questions to Joakim Eneroth (J.E):


Blog for Cultural Solutions from Siena Cultural Relations Forum 2019

Our director Johanna Suo wrote a blog for Cultural Solutions when attending the Siena Cultural Relations Forum 2019. Please find the online blog article here.

Article from Colombian El Espectador about comic strips and anti stigmatisation.

We were recently in Colombia in order to follow process on the comic strip project we initiated with the Embassy of Colombia in Belgium. It was a very rich, important and rewarding experience; we followed workshops and we met with current partners and potential new partners. Click here to read  an article in Spanish the newspaper El Espectador wrote about the project. The page of the project you can find clicking here.

Video “The artist and his/her competences as source for creativity & innovation in the company”

Finally we share this video from Bubble Hub/ Forum Charleroi Creative end 2017. ifa laboratory gave a workshop and conference “The artist and his/her competences as source for creativity & innovation in the company” (Bartholomeus Henri Van de Valde, orchestra director/ expert in change management, Sebastien Meert, entrepreneur and coach specialised in commercial strategy/ sale team development and Johanna Suo, director ifa laboratory).

Cultural Diplomacy conference Berlin

There were good discussions in Berlin last week at “The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy”. Except from a vast presence from government administration representatives there were also my colleagues from the think tank European Cultural Parliament. They presented various angles and thoughts; cultural diplomacy as policy instrument, value based actions & projects, the role of arts in reshaping our imagination in times of crisis.

Except from sharing some of my views on the challenges of cultural diplomacy and art as conflict prevention I also participated in a panel with the big question “How can people of Arts & Culture promote democracy, the rule of law and human rights in their work?”.

From that discussion I choose to highlight that


Showcasing or Cultural diplomacy?

Is there a special opportunity to develop thinking, awareness and recommendations around cultural diplomacy in Brussels? Possibly so, with so many embassies and foreign representations present and a vast local and regional cultural arena.

I attended yesterday Culture Meet Ups session that raised questions on showcasing and cultural diplomacy (pro’s and con’s, distinguishing the two, the Brussels case). This culture meet up was hosted at the Spanish embassy and by their cultural councellor Sergi Farré.

Some points I would like to highlight: Dirk De Wits (Flanders Arts Institute) commented on the importance of distinguishing showcasing and intercultural relations. The choice between competition and noble value. (more…)

3rd neighbourhood dialogue with Jon Rubin

ifa laboratory’s third neighbourhood dialogue project on research stage

Jon Rubin Jeu de Balle 1Jon Rubin Jeu de Balle 2What do you get if you mix a politician, a social worker, a researcher, and an artist? One answer is a contextual artist, or a social practice artist.

Jon Rubin was trained in fine arts and he started his career as a painter. Today, and since 25 years back, he is working with contextual art. As Jon was interested in politics and the society he decided to change practice as he felt a need for channeling his interests through art in another way. (more…)

ifa laboratory @European Business Summit 23 May

“Creativity at the heart of businesses, a key to success?”

2.7ifa laboratory presented a session at the European Business Summit in Brussels on 23 May A panel discussing creativity in business was created. The question was “Can creativity, if placed at the heart of projects and companies result in innovation with the potential for longer term disruption?”.

These days’ creativity, disruption and innovation are frequently used buzzwords. But what does innovation really mean? And how does this translate into the corporate environment?

This session was not about presenting a final definition of innovation, and certainly not about product or business model innovation. This session aimed to dissect innovation and its various aspects by a case-by-case and company-by-company interpretation of innovation from a people-driven view because what drives innovation are people, process and philosophy. (more…)

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