Impact company culture, extensive creativity and out of

the box thinking among teams?

Are everyone’s ideas seen and heard?

How creative is your culture at work?

Do you find this important?

Work with James Granger and Steven Kessels on DesignThinking!

Did you know?

A global study* showed that CEO’s believe in creativity as the single

most important leadership competency for enterprises.

Companies with creative teams have 1.5 higher chance of being

leaders of their sectors than less creative ones.

*1541 CEOs and senior public leaders in 60 countries covering 33 industries

Change management and leadership development with orchestra

director Bartholomeus Henri Van de Velde.

Meet a maestro and reach cross-comptenecy optimisation through workshops

on “Leadership through music", "emotional intelligence" or "experience conducting”

For management and CEO’s or management and teams together.

Artist Raphaël Villegas y Gutierrez is one of very few artists in Belgium working with virtual reality creation. Contact us for: "Live VR art experience" "Get immersed in your created VR" "Discover VR" "Explore a product or a location" "VR team exercise" and more...!


ifa laboratory is a facilitation firm based in Brussels working in two fields:

1.Innovation in companies through cross-competency optimisation with the help of our experts; artists, designers and creatives.

2.Cultural strategic relations for companies, cities, governments, or other types of structures. Cultural strategic relations are value based and helps to connect with a target audience on depth through active listening and attention.

We challenge the perception of culture and arts within the business world and non creative sectors, making it a source for innovation and improvement.



Everyone an activist

Neighbourhood dialogue 1


The social elevator

Neighbourhood dialogue 2


Transatlantic artlab with Jon Rubin

Neighbourhood dialogue 3