Everyone an activist

Everyone an activist!

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Time schedule:

4pm Opening: work presentation, photographies and projection (can be seen all evening) 6.30pm Moderated debate and conversation: What can we do to increase the quality of the environment in the neighbourhood? 7.30pm Exchange around some food and drinks. The buffet is prepared by Entr’Aide des Marolles. 9pm End of the evening

Here everyone is an activist, everyone is empowered to change.

This is a project with Swedish artist Patrik Qvist in collaboration with Arts Lab Brussels and ifa laboratory. In November 2017 the team visited five locations in the Marolles in Brussels. In a simple photo studio we invited people to share views, thoughts and feelings about about environment, climate and how it is to be a human being in this neighbourhood. We talked to hundreds of persons, and photographed 280. Some wrote their own messages on cardboards, others chose statements that were already written. During five days we visited streets, squares, a swimming hall, and a school.
The discussions and conversations we took part of are reflected in the video file on this page.

6 thoughts on “Everyone an activist

  1. hello everybody and so exciting to see this coming together- and to see all of you wonderful participants come together here with your signs and statements. Since I came back from Brussels I have thought a great deal about what it is that makes change possible. How do we change things that seem overwhelming and impossible to change? I was reminded of the power of conversation and of how important it is to recognize that most major changes and revolutions happen little by little, over time. One friend talking to another. One word on a cardboard sign that catches your eye. Fellow locals teaming up to resolve a neighbourhood issue. If we start talking about the possibility of change (particularly when things look dark) , then change has already begun. I am really excited to see what will happen when we come together for more conversations ( and some food and drinks!!:) on March 15 – hope to see you there!° Patrik

  2. Hi everyone,
    This is my question in this debate: what do you think of Minimalism? Less is more?
    Thank you again

  3. Hello all!
    As president of the European Observatory for Democracy and Peace (EODP), I would like to comment on behalf of my organization that we are very grateful to be a part of this project!

    In this project, people in the Marolles district of Brussels have shared views, thoughts and feelings about environment and climate. They have also shared the experience of being a human being in this area.
    This project has brought people together and they had the opportunity to share thoughts and feelings, and this is itself a great way to bring people together.
    It is also important that a school in the area participate so children had the opportunity to express themselves about this subject.
    All this led to an event that will find place on March 15th, and we are looking forward to meeting you all there!

    I hope the municipalities and public administrations in Brussels can start similar projects in the future. For example, in schools around in this city, because it is important that children can learn and express themselves on this important topic.

    Rachid Moumni

  4. Oohhhh, I totally missed the event ?… But the video looks great !!! Some funny boards too. It’s quite something to see other people holding the board you wrote ❤ .. a bit confusing too 😉 It’s a way to have your thoughts spreading ? I also loved the poster for the event and was wondering if you had some left over … Yes, yes.. veganism is one of the choices I ended up making. It took one second and never looked back ? It’s part of a quest I guess …

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