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PRIX ifa laboratory

Lost & Found installation Deborah MarinoWe have the pleasure to announce the collaboration with Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. Together we have created ‘Prix ifa laboratory’. Last week two laureates were chosen for a presentation of interactive and participative projects at ifa laboratory spring/ summer 2017. Congratulations to Deborah MARINO and Benoît ARMANGE.

Images above installation Lost & Found by Deborah Marino at Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Bruxelles.

A special mention is also awarded to Claire Ducene by ifa gallery.


Prize of the City of Brussels:
Elina SALMINEN (Painting)

Prize of Excellency of the City of Brussels:
Elina SALMINEN (Painting) & Fernando ALVES NEVES (Visual Communication)

Scholarship Horlait-Dapsens (Artistic Foundation):
Annita KOSMADAKI  (Tapestry) & Elina SALMINEN (Painting)

Prize MAD
Marion PLACAIS (Textile Design) & Klara FINDER (Ex Master Stitching)

Prize Morelli Contemporary/ArBA-EsA
Céline CUVELIER (Painting)

Prize ifa laboratory/ArBA-EsA
Déborah MARINO (Visual Communication) & Benoît ARMANGE (AEsP)

Prize Academia Belgica/ArBA-EsA (ROME)
Valentin CAPONY (Engraving)

Prize Itinera (Sienne)
Blandine CUISIN (Engraving) & Hadrien BRUAUX (Painting)

Prize Espronceda/ArBA-EsA (Barcelona)
Emile PIETTE (Sculpture) & Annita KOSMADAKI (Tapestry)
Mentions spéciales: Elina SALMINEN (Painting) & Valentin CAPONY (Engraving)

Prize Hotel Bloom
Lucien ROUX dit BUISSON & Antoine LORTIE