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Echoes from 6 November Creative Forum Charleroi

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“Une journée très inspirante et un thème passionnant !”

On 6 November ifa laboratory (Bartholomeus Henri Van de Valde, orchestra director/ expert in change management, Sebastien Meert, entrepreneur and coach specialised in commercial strategy/ sale team development and Johanna Suo, director ifa laboratory) organised a conference on behalf of Bubble Hub/ Forum Charleroi Creative/ IGretec.


The objective with the day “The artist and his/her competences as source for creativity & innovation in the company” was to inspire and show the audience the potential to innovation and change through our working methods.

We are happy about the feedback; 92,4 % of the participants would like to go deeper into the topic through a workshop.

Some echoes from the day:
“Les 3 intervenants de la journée se complétaient idéalement”.

“J’ai été interpéllé par le contenu, car je m’attendais à ce qu’on parle surtout d’une utilisation par l’entreprise de la créativité de l’artiste dans le but d’améliorer les produits. Que des entreprises engagent des artistes professionnels pour venir sonder les processus relationnels, je trouve ça encore plus intéressant !”

“I am surprised by the skills of the artists”.

“Je suis interpéllé par cette façon d’aborder différents sujets par la créativité”.

“Following this experience I plan to collaborate with ifa laboratory”.

“L’émotion et l’écoute .L’apprentissage pour les hauts responsables de secteurs obligatoire . Un label de qualité pour l’entreprise”.


ifa laboratory new member of European Creative Business Network!

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ifa laboratory is a new member of the European Creative Business Network! This is good news as we believe it will make us prosper and grow. We also look forward to contribute; to exchange about the crucial role the creative industries play in other sectors and see how we can increase the cooperation with other sectors. #valueofculture #crosssector #ecosystem #betterworld #disruption #innovation


Did you do make a different choice today?

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…And the winner of “best source of creativity” category is….the artist!

Artist in suit

At ifa laboratory we know that artists are the source of creativity and thus a key of success for any business. Artists and designers are trained in creating from what they have, adapting their action and creation to new challenges and they are trained in having access to their inner self.

Creativity is important in telling stories, and the stories are important both internally and externally for a company, allowing you to create emotions so your key values and visions are transferred to, and impact, your teams, and/or your target groups.



Are you also this excited to try something new? child different
You should be. Trying something new and different is the only way to innovate.

The autumn has started and we are developing our services in order to offer you cutting edge possibilities for development and innovation in your teams.

Have a look around on the website. More is to come shortly but already now you can find out what orchestra conductor and change management expert Bartholomeus Van de Velde can do for your team.


New membership Network for Innovations in Culture and Creativity in Europe

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N.I.C.E. network

ifa laboratory happily announces the membership in the Network for Innovations in Culture and Creativity in Europe (NICE).
The network was set up in 2013 as a smart, cross-sector consortium of 15 cities, universities, agencies and prominent individuals from eight countries, under the lead of the european centre for creative economy (ecce) in Dortmund.
In 2017 the network consists of 30 partners from 13 countries and is steadily increasing. NICE is a non-profit initiative funded by the Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.
The network organises the annual NICE Award and exchange meetings to promote the spillover effects of the cultural and creative sectors for e.g. innovation, urban development and economic growth, as set out in the Europe 2020 strategy. NICE aims to raise awareness and thereby influence policy makers in the whole of Europe to support the cross-sector innovative potential of the cultural and creative sectors.