If I Had Wings

If I Had Wings

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A collaborative art installation on the elevator of the Marolles is the point of departure for neighbourhood dialogue.

A project in collaboration with artist Kaarina Kaikkonen. Download the Press Release here !

If I had Wings is one of three projects presented by Ifa laboratory et Arts Lab Brussels, offering alternative communication platforms produced with artists. After discussions with habitants of the neighbourhood Ifa laboratory and Kaarina Kaikkonen chose the Marolles elevator as location. This interesting location connects two parts of the city with different social aspects and history. The second project in our neighbourhood dialogue program aims to spark conversations on the past, present and future of the Marolles.

How can we as individuals impact our own situation, society and neighbourhood? How stuck are we with perceptions of people and places? Are we doing enough to open up our eyes and see things for what they truly are?  Johanna Suo

Inauguration Tuesday 17 April!

Join us, the artist, Minister Pascal Smet, Finnish Ambassador Timo Ranta and many more. 6 pm at “Bar L’Ascenseur” at the bottom level of the Marolles elevator.

This work is meant to give a joyful feeling for the passers by. The elevator and the bridge are together a very masculine and cold technical structure. The artwork, If I Had Wings is made of t-shirts and short sleeved shirts, donated by partners and people in the Marolles and beyond. The artwork adds a smiling and soft, warming feminine touch. The elevator has a dream to have wings, to be free, to fly with passengers. Kaarina Kaikkonen

Many of the projects of the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux this year deal with various aspects of social inclusion. How can we as individuals improve our situation in our immediate surroundings, and also in the society at large. Kaarina Kaikkonen is a fantastic Finnish artist who has the ability to connect and empower people through both the making of, and also the presentation of her art. We are extremely happy to partner with ifa laboratory on this project, which is combining the themes of art, social inclusion, gentrification and city planning. Kati Laakso, director of the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux

Kaarina Kaikkonen

Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki in 1983. She became one of the most important Finnish contemporary artists, known for her sculptures and monumental public space installations. She is known for using recycled material, clothes, shoes, toilet paper all witness about the human traces and dimensions of her work. The human being and identity are often in the center of the discourse.

Kaarina Kaikkonen is represented by the Forsblom Gallery in Finland, and her works are constantly being seen around the world. In the spring of 2018 his work is, among others, presented by the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Alborg, Denmark. In Belgium, an art collective in Antwerpen, Anna 3, proposes also an installation by the artist starting from June.

My Outline, Uppsala Art Museum 2017 b

Photos of previous work by artist Kaarina Kaikkonen: Shadow, Tampere 1999, My Outline, Uppsala Art Museum, 2017, Way, Helsinki cathedral, 2000.

Project partners

In collaboration with persons and organisations inside and outside of the Marolles, Les ateliers des Tanneurs, la Cour du jeu de Balle the primary school Emile André, EODP – European Observatory for Democracy and Peace, Culture Centre Bruegel, Maisons des Jeunes le 88, Le Foyer des Jeunes, Bar L’ascenseur, Belgian Buildings AgencyLe Marseillais du Jeu de Balle, Les Petits Riens .

With support from Brussels Capital Region, the City of Brussels, COCOF, The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, the Finnish Embassy in Brussels, VisitBrussels, STIB/MIVBBrussels MobilityHelsinki Café.

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