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Did you do make a different choice today?

…And the winner of “best source of creativity” category is….the artist!

Artist in suit

At ifa laboratory we know that artists are the source of creativity and thus a key of success for any business. Artists and designers are trained in creating from what they have, adapting their action and creation to new challenges and they are trained in having access to their inner self.

Creativity is important in telling stories, and the stories are important both internally and externally for a company, allowing you to create emotions so your key values and visions are transferred to, and impact, your teams, and/or your target groups.





Are you also this excited to try something new? child different
You should be. Trying something new and different is the only way to innovate.

The autumn has started and we are developing our services in order to offer you cutting edge possibilities for development and innovation in your teams.

Have a look around on the website. More is to come shortly but already now you can find out what orchestra conductor and change management expert Bartholomeus Van de Velde can do for your team.