Milena Oda Laska

Milena Oda Laska

  • Are you feeling unfulfilled in accomplishing your creative goals?
  • Do you want to think bigger and work more productively to develop your ideas and feelings into meaningful creative projects in your company or on your own?
  • Have you achieved a level of success with your business but are struggling with your inner potential?
  • Are you at the start of a project and feeling uncertain, blocked, or overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel fear to set new goals?

Then the Creative Writing & Creativity workshops will help you!

  • Deal with the fear – deal with your fear. Empowering Workshop.
    Turn your fear into a driver and inspiration and to a benefit both in professional and private life. This workshop ideally needs a full day.
  • Your environment and your attitude @Work
    Positive thinking is easier said than done. How does your attitude influence your work and your surroundings? Much more than you think.
  • Intuitive creative writing workshop
    Use your intuition in your work. Your intuition equals with your inner voice. Intuition can also be a so-called soft skill. In this workshop you will learn through writing how you use intuition for your decisions, goals and team. The goal is to access creativity. Milena and the group discuss, write, play and create, set up new visions, new statements, new ideas coming directly from the participants. The workshop guides participants to be conscious about the power to write on paper, to create words, sentences, stories, own ideas, open to your inner self.


The creative coach Milena Oda Laska is an author, poet, playwright, translator, creative director for theatre & film. She was nominated for the prestigious Ingeborg Bachmann Preis, 2007. She also obtained a residency at “The international Writers Program, University of Iowa, USA, 2011. As coach she helped artists, writers, inventors, entrepreneurs to accomplish their dreams.

Milena Oda Laska is a radiant creative personality of high intercultural sensibility. Her intercultural knowledge comes from experience of working in the Arab world, in India, in the US and in Europe, working and traveling as a writer and artist. Milena’s work is much connected to deep values and she chooses to work in the non-mainstream field to enable her personality constant growth beyond popularity. Her radiance and happiness is the proof that being authentic is most valuable in human lifestyle.

Her writing workshops bring out the best of hidden creativity, emotional intelligence and intuition.  She has a unique approach to every single person and a feeling for eventual hidden needs and blocked wishes, which can be expressed through the writing.

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