HUMAN WARMTH by Déborah Marino

Human Warmth: that which makes us into social beings, capable of sharing and transmitting to others.

This is a project on family memories by the young artist Déborah Marino. She approaches the issue from a positive standpoint, so that it is not nostalgic but instead constructive memories that are under consideration. This work constitutes a group of time capsules that gravitate around one central point: the artist’s aunt, a dress designer, of whom the clothes have set the life rhythm of those who wore them. The project pays homage to her in a very simple way: sharing personals memories via clothing items. Black squares on white t-shirts… that reveal images no sooner are they worn. Family photographs are transformed in illustrations, minimal but animated. The textile material is here a double skin that activates a memory upon contact with body heat. Initiated by the artist’s family’s own memories, this ongoing project takes place within the exhibition at Ifa laboratory, offering the public to share their memories and personal photographs. The artist will create on-site t-shirts directly inspired by each visitor’s contribution. Artist Biography NL & FR versions.

For sharing your photo and its short story; please find the document here and send your photo to or leave it in the Human Warmth letter box at ifa laboratory. In addition, you can also meet Déborah at ifa laboratory Saturday 17 December from 4 to 8 pm, and Sunday 18 December from 11am – 3 pm.

Detail from Human Warmth, heat activated drawing on t-shirt. Interactive installation & textile experimentation 2015/2016

BLANK PROJECT by Alexandre Ouairy

Blank Project questions the role of the artist, artworks and their environment and economic values, the legal system that protects him, and the free market which allows the artist to “have a career”.

Blank Project is a series of 100 silk-screen prints on art paper, all numbered and signed. French Law defines an artist as the moral owner of his artwork, whether it is owned by a private collector or a museum. This is to say that the artist can at any moment modify or even destroy his artwork. Therefore the collector who buys a “Blank Project” is actually buying a potential future artwork. As the title indicates, the project is “blank” because it has not happened yet. The contract stipulates that the artist can at any moment revise it (through any means) or even destroy it. This is the artist’s moral right.

The collector is taking a risk: he does not know what he is actually buying, he does not know what shape the artwork will take, or if it will even continue existing in the future. So the collector does not know if his investment is a good one. Read more about Blank Project: NL EN FR  Artist Biography


Exhibition view Blank Project, Alexandre Ouairy, silkscreen print on art paper, 21 x 29,7 cm, edition of 100, 2007.





Camella DaEun Kim


Ours (Jeong/情), Mixed media, performance, installation, 122 x 183 cm, 2016

Ours (Jeong/ ) is an installation with an interactive performance by the artist. As she struggles to sew through the paper suspended from the ceiling, visitors are invited to sit across and exchange the needle with her. By encouraging her audience to sit across her to sew and finish the piece, it suggests many elements of human interaction such as understanding, compromising, adopting and forgiving. All these are part of defining the title of the work, Jeong in Korean.

Engaging with others develops a dialogue that facilitates the creation of a shared identity (much as the work of art is a shared production). Ours was previously exhibited at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (Barnsdall Art Gallery), visited by a large number of people coming from various walks of life. Unique piece 1/1 edition

This piece is still in process for completion and waiting for new audiences from Belgium to be part of it! 


The Ballad of East and West, Mixed media, 10 days live performance, 91,5 x 122 cm, 2014, is the first participative work by the artist.

Camella DaEun Kim (born in South Korea, living and working in the U.S.) is an artist and educator who moves fluidly between different media such as performance, installation, gaming and new media to address the problematics of communication and interpersonal relationships under conditions of globalization and technological ubiquity. To find out more about Camella DaEun Kim and her work please click here.