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The potential of artists, designers and creators competency and perspectives in companies is wide and interesting, and we could not present an exhaustive list of possibilities. However below we show examples on work cases and combinations.

For each of these example services, there can be different combinations of experts and collaborators contributing. Their inventiveness will bring you solutions for the long term.



Questions you may ask:

  • How to think out of the box?
  • How can we encourage creativity on a day to day basis in the company?

This program gives crucial indications as to :

  • Unlock creativity at work
  • Acknowledge origins of creativity and the threats for creativity
  • Set up tools and adjustments to foster creativity in a work environment
Case: Creacoaching

With the help of artists, a contemporary art collection, or other ifa laboratory experts you will get help creating concrete contexts for boosting creativity. This can be all from animation of creative spaces within the company building to animation of workshops within these spaces.
The most impactful combination is to create a series of actions on the longer term that also can include activities on other locations outside the company.
A physical creative space has to be animated, not just created.

Example on experts, contributors, tools & sources

Visual artist
Joakim Eneroth

Artist & coach
Milena Oda Laska

ifa laboratory Director Johanna Suo

Visual artist
Jérôme Désert

Private art collection
Galila’s P.O.C.



Questions you may ask:

  • How do I initiate change in my company?
  • How do I give teams their best potential?
  • How to create better relations between management and teams?

This program gives crucial indications as to :

  • Foster a solid and harmonic work environment
  • Give new vision and inspiration to management teams
  • Understand the interdependence between teams and management
Case: Leadifferently – Orchestra Conductor

The conductor brings up concrete examples through metaphors showing him and his orchestra, you will be transferred into another context and reality but with the same challenges. He will show ways to impact your teams with presence and speech. The non-evident and the non-spoken will be brought up to surface and be evident.
For real impact these workshops are ideally a part of a longer process offering evaluation and practical and theoretical workshops.

Example on experts

Orchestra direction & change management Bartholomeus Henri Van de Velde



Questions you may ask:

  • What can I do to change the bad ambiance at work?
  • How can we establish better communication inside the company?
  • How to handle conflict at work?

This program gives crucial indications as to :

  • Build on company culture
  • Become aware of communication problems and have them identified
  • Create a healthy communication flow
Case: BeATeam

Actors can perform real life scenarios to stimulate actual conversations. Hands on and feeling based exercise with interaction is crucial; people thus feelings are always present at a work place, meaning that the theory manual has very limited impact.
Practical exercise, and knowing by doing, is an obligation.

Example on experts

Actor Hugo Henry


Design Thinking

Questions you may ask:

  • How to increase participation and active mindsets among teams?
  • How can I make the culture at work more creative?
  • How can I make all voices seen and heard?

This program gives crucial indications to :

  • Establish and impact extensive creativity and out of the box thinking
  • Create an environment that allows innovation
  • Develop a company culture
Case: Design Thinking

Depart from a real case linked to product or brand design. Reach new goals, boosting your internal resources to optimize your business, creative catalyst, challenging and uniting team members to think strategically, helping teams develop a new mind-set and process for the longer term.

Example on experts

KesselsGranger DesignWorks