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Neighbourhood Dialogue Programme. be a patron

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Artists for community exchange & development

Together with the non-for profit association Arts Lab Brussels we offer you to be patron for our neighbourhood dialogue programme. Acquire a unique artwork and become a patron. This results in several benefits for you and for the community projects:

  • You will be a patron for all the three community projects and get your place as patron in the communication of the whole programme
  • You will be invited to a lunch meeting with one of the artists from one of the five projects. During the lunch you can find out more about the artist’s work and also about ideas behind the his/her specific project
  • You will get invitations to all five launches/openings
  • You will be invited as VIP to one of the openings for a meeting with the other public and private partners
  • If you are an informal group of people or a legal entity you can get valuable visibility during the projects

You provide valuable support making it possible for these project to be realised. Three projects are started/ planned and they go under the same neighbourhood dialogue programme featuring Kaarina Kaikkonen (FI); The Social Elevator,  Jon Rubin (USA) working title TBC, Patrik Qvist (SE); Everyone an Activist.  These projects offer artistic and creative angles on communication platforms for citizens coming from different horizons and backgrounds.

Artists who have generously participated with works for the charity sales: Dimitrios Oikonomou (GR) John Ligda (US) Aimée Joaristi (CR) Jenni Emilia (FI) Ozlem Buyukarman (TR) David Dusart (BE) Adil Haouata (MA) Patrick Qvist (SE), Mariam Abbas (UAE) and Agnieszka Wogiel (FR) Christophe Demaître (BE) 

Work and self-sacrifice for others enlarge all the best aspects of who I strive to become. While I am thankful for the ability to do this with art, I also volunteer as a data scientist, chef and builder. Providing workshops and projects in Marolles, ifa laboratory sends a clear message to all members of that community that we value and benefit from activities together. This program connects my neighbourhood in California with and the Marolles in Brussels. This is a fantastic opportunity.”  John Ligda, who generously donates a work for the charity sale 

“Empathy is the ability to put yourself into others shoes and to understand. Understanding needs knowledge of our history and different cultural heritages. There are many different ways to live a life than just ours. Our way may not be better than others. One of the hardest things in the world is to determine how people can understand each other better”.


Jenni Emilia, artist, generously donates a work for the charity sale 





We are happy that Dewit Law Office has become patron through acquiring  an artwork, ‘Geometric Landscape’ by artist Dimitrios Oikonomou.



“I am really glad if I can contribute to ifa laboratory’s community work through the sale of my artworks. Art has a great ability to create links between people. Art does not have to be elitist”.  Dimitrios Oikonomou, artist, generously contributes with work for the charity sale

“I am interested in the different perspective of ifa laboratory, I will be there on the 23rd of February. ifa laboratory proposes something different; how art can be a method for companies, neighbourhoods, people. I think and hope that the planned projects will create a dialogue, I am sure they present a valuable opportunity”. Patrick Menache, Macnash, supporter


This sounds great, I would like to be a patron!

Please find listing of works at the charity sale and prices here ! 

Installation view of works by Dimitrios Oikonomou at the charity sale exhibition (23 February – 26 March 2017)




Be at the top, stay at the top! A new year filled with strategy, development and innovation!

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call for help

Do not call Brad, call us! Happy New Year! We’ll help you make this year yours!

We can help your teams stand out, be more efficient, focused and more collaborative with #teambuilding through #art.

We can help you to stand out with new ways of working on strategy, marketing and public relations; Strategic cultural relations & #culturalcommunications help any #company #city #region #government reach better their target group and create communication & relations that count. #impact and #outreach with meaning #publicdiplomacy.

Image: Drowning Girl (1963), Roy Liechtenstein, Oil and synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 171.6×169.5cm, Collection MoMA, New-York City.

Participate to the Human Warmth Project by Déborah Marino

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From 8 December at ifa laboratory (artist present 17.12 4-8pm, 18.12 11am-3pm)

HUMAN WARMTH by Déborah Marino

Human Warmth: that which makes us into social beings, capable of sharing and transmitting to others.

artist Deborah Marino ifa laboratory

This is a project on family memories by the young artist Déborah Marino. She approaches the issue from a positive standpoint, so that it is not nostalgic but instead constructive memories that are under consideration. Family photographs are transformed in illustrations, minimal but animated. The illustrations are transferred to t-shirts. The textile material is here a double skin that activates a memory upon contact with body heat. Initiated by the artist’s family’s own memories, this ongoing project takes place within the exhibition at Ifa laboratory, offering the public to share their memories and personal photographs. The artist will create on-site t-shirts directly inspired by each visitor’s contribution. Artist Biography NL & FR versions.

For sharing your photo and its short story; please find the document here and send your photo to contact.deborahmarino@gmail.com or leave it in the Human Warmth letter box at ifa laboratory.

Euro Fairy Tales @ ifa laboratory

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Until 4 December you can see Euro-Fairy-Tales at ifa laboratory. It is a project in the official program of the Slovak Presidency to the European Council about how art as been a source and a method in teaching children about Europe through fairy tales. Please see the press release here from Jana Zuščinová, Office of Miroslav Mikolášik MEP, European Parliament. Further information here.

img_7892  img_7893

Some photos from the opening with His Excellency Stanislav Vallo, ambassador of Slovakia in Belgium, Member of the European Parliament Miroslav Mikolasik, Gabriela Javorcikova, Clothilde Godar from the European School in Brussels and Johanna Suo, director ifa laboratory.



The Methods of Arts // Soirée ifa laboratory

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For companies, organisations and government administrations. Come and find out how you can engage with and through art & culture and get a better impact on target groups and get better market breakthrough.

Besides discovering the participative artworks at the venue you will get to know more about:

– cultural strategy
– team-building, team events through art
– organisational development through art
– presentations; creativity in your company
– Your events and strategy projects at our venue

Artist Jérôme Désert (with whom we work on team-building) will create in direct a fresco painting on 6 canvases; for this we need your suggestion on topics and themes in advance; suggest any topic Jérôme shall work on during the evening! You will also be invited to co-create the work with Jérôme. At the end of the event we will be drawing lots for the 6 canvases. 6 of you will be going home with the work created during the evening.
For registration and suggestions on topics for Jérôme: contact@ifa-laboratory.com.

Wine and snacks will be served.
Warlmy welcome/ Johanna Suo & David Laurier


Creative workshops/ Ateliers Créatifs/ Creatieve workshops 5, 12 November!

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Venez découvrir le monde de l’art et co-créez chez nous à ifa laboratory! 

Ateliers créatifs ouverts au public le 5 et le 12 novembre de 14h à 17h.

workshop summer 2016161112_0728


Venez participer dans un atelier de peinture avec l’artiste Adil Haouata, artiste bruxellois originaire de Casablanca.

Ces ateliers font partie d’un projet qui vise à échanger et offrir aux enfants et jeunes adolescents la création. Il s’agit pour eux d’apprendre les différentes techniques, en pensant au futur de leur quartier.

Les deux ateliers, le 5 et le 12 novembre, sont accessible aux personnes de tout âge.

Le 12 novembre vous pourrez également rencontrer l’artiste finlandaise Kaarina Kaikkonen, qui a réalisé des installations d’art monumentales dans l’espace public, de par le monde. Kaarina envisage d’en créer une autour de la Place du Jeu de Balle. Mais, pour cela nous avons besoin de votre aide. Venez partager vos attentes et idées avec nous sur une œuvre d’art pour les Marolles ! Kaarina prendra tous les avis et idées en compte pour sa proposition auprès de la ville de Bruxelles. Nous souhaiterions inaugurer cet œuvre en septembre 2017.

Le 5 et le 12 novembre vous pourrez ainsi voir des œuvres déjà créées par des enfants et des jeunes adolescents qui ont participé aux ateliers créatifs depuis l’été 2016. Ce projet est réalisé par arts lab bxl, ifa laboratory et l’ambassade des Emirats Arabes Unis à Bruxelles.

Les ateliers créatifs le 5 et le 12 novembre sont réalisés également dans le cadre du projet Alors on zwanze

Pour plus d’informations et des inscriptions, contactez: contact@ifa-laboratory.com ou bien allez sur les événements Facebook  le 5 novembre  & le 12 novembre




PRIX ifa laboratory

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We have the pleasure to announce the collaboration with Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. Together we have created ‘Prix ifa laboratory’. Last week two laureates were chosen for a presentation of interactive and participative projects at ifa laboratory spring/ summer 2017. Congratulations to Deborah MARINO and Benoît ARMANGE.

Lost & Found, installation Deborah MarinoLost & Found installation Deborah Marino

Images above installation Lost & Found by Deborah Marino at Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Bruxelles.

A special mention is also awarded to Claire Ducene by ifa gallery.


Prize of the City of Brussels:
Elina SALMINEN (Painting)

Prize of Excellency of the City of Brussels:
Elina SALMINEN (Painting) & Fernando ALVES NEVES (Visual Communication)

Scholarship Horlait-Dapsens (Artistic Foundation):
Annita KOSMADAKI  (Tapestry) & Elina SALMINEN (Painting)

Prize MAD
Marion PLACAIS (Textile Design) & Klara FINDER (Ex Master Stitching)

Prize Morelli Contemporary/ArBA-EsA
Céline CUVELIER (Painting)

Prize ifa laboratory/ArBA-EsA
Déborah MARINO (Visual Communication) & Benoît ARMANGE (AEsP)

Prize Academia Belgica/ArBA-EsA (ROME)
Valentin CAPONY (Engraving)

Prize Itinera (Sienne)
Blandine CUISIN (Engraving) & Hadrien BRUAUX (Painting)

Prize Espronceda/ArBA-EsA (Barcelona)
Emile PIETTE (Sculpture) & Annita KOSMADAKI (Tapestry)
Mentions spéciales: Elina SALMINEN (Painting) & Valentin CAPONY (Engraving)

Prize Hotel Bloom
Lucien ROUX dit BUISSON & Antoine LORTIE