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ifa laboratory at major events in May and June 2017

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May and June were busy times for ifa laboratory director Johanna Suo who contributed to several large-scale events. First out was European Business Summit where a “meet the expert” session was held; “Art & Culture 3.0 a new meaning of strategy”. Thomas Antoine, secretary general for the Benelux Union, was a special guest. He answered questions on cultural diplomacy from his point of view. The audience at the full session could be inspired about creativity and cultural strategic relations as change makers for companies.

LUX TADA couple of days later the “Transatlantic Dialogue” at the University of Luxembourg took place. Johanna Suo spoke about ifa laboratory’s visions on how to do valuable and meaningful cultural diplomacy.





The major conference “Creating Transatlantic Networks through Culture and Creative industries” was held early June at Chapman University in Orange California. Johanna contributed on how cultural diplomacy should look like in order to benefit government, cultural actors and most importantly communities and citizens. Many experts contributed with presentations showing the force and impact of CCI on society and its development.

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Virtual reality creative team-building 29 May showcase

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Virtual Reality Creative Team-building Showcase 
29 May 2017 | 2- 7 pm
Rue des Renards 1a, 1000 Brussels

Join us for an immersive trip!

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ifa laboratory and Poolpio collaborate in order to offer creative and cutting edge possibilities for companies, organisations and governmental bodies to develop their organisation and their teams.

“We will all have superpowers. Because in virtual reality you can be anyone, you can go anywhere, and you can create anything…it’s going to be the next mass medium.”  Rikard Steiber HTC

We invite you to a showcase on creative team-building and organisational development with virtual reality.

Virtual reality creative team-building allows your teams to
– work creatively on important topics together even from different locations
– work in a very innovative way (having technology, creation, immersion and experience at the core)
– get the total virtual reality immersion experience linked to any team-cooperation, team-merge, cohesion-building among teams at different locations. Work on any project, issue or topic you like.


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Get the benefits of creative team-buildings

Creativity plays an important part for companies but the context has to be created in order to work on it in a concrete way. Team-building is a great opportunity. 

The Adobe state of create study is just one of many studies and voices showing essential facts about the importance of creativity for any company or organisation. State of Create shows that creative teams have 1.5 times higher chance of being leaders of their sectors less creative ones. 

Artistic disciplines, technology and team-coach commitment make our service unique. ifa laboratory’s creative team-buildings can help you in unleashing your team’s creativity; inspire to practice your inventiveness, improve natural cooperation, individual and collective negotiation, and finding new ways of seeing and doing the daily job.  

Schedule for 29 May

  • Try the virtual reality experience
  • See 3D printed examples of works created by artist Jérôme Désert with Tilt Brush by Google in virtual reality
  • Meet coach Peter Musschoot
  • Meet a couple of artists on our team for creative team-building
  • Meet ifa laboratory and Poolpio teams

Confirm your presence today by sending us an e-mail!
And if you cannot make it, we’ll come to you. You will be able to follow the event live and in 360° from anywhere, just join us following this link : 360° Live stream on Youtube

Looking forward to meeting you,
Johanna Suo and Kevin Hauzeur on behalf of ifa laboratory and Poolpio

In partnership with Unic 3D

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The Source of Creativity talk with artist Joakim Eneroth

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ifa laboratory works on creativity and insertion of creativity in diverse sectors and businesses. We are thrilled to offer the talk ‘The Source of Creativity’ with artist Joakim Eneroth on May 17 6.30-8pm.

ny röntgen 2017

Everybody wants to be creative today. Not only artists and creatives but the business world, industry and technology. Creativity is essential for innovation; for thinking out of the box and inventing new competitive ideas.
ifa laboratory supports companies being creative through conferences and through creative team-building and artistic interventions as well as cultural strategy.

Research has shown that creativity is beneficial for the way we use our brain and this comes closer to the essence of this talk with Swedish artist Joakim Eneroth. In his solo exhibition Whispering Void, (vernissage @ ifa gallery 19 April. Exhibition until 17 June), the artist presents photography, three-dimensional photographs and levitating sculptures that emerge from his period of work with neuroscience.

The artist address questions about what creativity actually is.
And inspiration? Where does it come from? We all know what a manifested idea looks like, a thought and an emotion has occurred that leads us to manifest something in the outer world. But what is the source of that idea and emotion that leads to the manifestation. What is the origin for all creative ideas? Is it possible for us to observe the flow of creativity before it takes any form? Can we perceive the original source of creativity and inspiration in our direct experience?
With the intellect we can not do it, to think about a thought that has not occurred yet, to think about an idea that has not appeared yet.
But there is another more radical way to do it, that we will explore together in this talk and conversation.

Q & A + cocktail.

Neighbourhood Dialogue Programme. be a patron

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Artists for community exchange & development

Together with the non-for profit association Arts Lab Brussels we offer you to be patron for our neighbourhood dialogue programme. Acquire a unique artwork and become a patron. This results in several benefits for you and for the community projects:

  • You will be a patron for all the three community projects and get your place as patron in the communication of the whole programme
  • You will be invited to a lunch meeting with one of the artists from one of the five projects. During the lunch you can find out more about the artist’s work and also about ideas behind the his/her specific project
  • You will get invitations to all five launches/openings
  • You will be invited as VIP to one of the openings for a meeting with the other public and private partners
  • If you are an informal group of people or a legal entity you can get valuable visibility during the projects

You provide valuable support making it possible for these project to be realised. Three projects are started/ planned and they go under the same neighbourhood dialogue programme featuring Kaarina Kaikkonen (FI); The Social Elevator,  Jon Rubin (USA) working title TBC, Patrik Qvist (SE); Everyone an Activist.  These projects offer artistic and creative angles on communication platforms for citizens coming from different horizons and backgrounds.

Artists who have generously participated with works for the charity sales: Dimitrios Oikonomou (GR) John Ligda (US) Aimée Joaristi (CR) Jenni Emilia (FI) Ozlem Buyukarman (TR) David Dusart (BE) Adil Haouata (MA) Patrick Qvist (SE), Mariam Abbas (UAE) and Agnieszka Wogiel (FR) Christophe Demaître (BE) 

Work and self-sacrifice for others enlarge all the best aspects of who I strive to become. While I am thankful for the ability to do this with art, I also volunteer as a data scientist, chef and builder. Providing workshops and projects in Marolles, ifa laboratory sends a clear message to all members of that community that we value and benefit from activities together. This program connects my neighbourhood in California with and the Marolles in Brussels. This is a fantastic opportunity.”  John Ligda, who generously donates a work for the charity sale 

“Empathy is the ability to put yourself into others shoes and to understand. Understanding needs knowledge of our history and different cultural heritages. There are many different ways to live a life than just ours. Our way may not be better than others. One of the hardest things in the world is to determine how people can understand each other better”.


Jenni Emilia, artist, generously donates a work for the charity sale 





We are happy that Dewit Law Office has become patron through acquiring  an artwork, ‘Geometric Landscape’ by artist Dimitrios Oikonomou.



“I am really glad if I can contribute to ifa laboratory’s community work through the sale of my artworks. Art has a great ability to create links between people. Art does not have to be elitist”.  Dimitrios Oikonomou, artist, generously contributes with work for the charity sale

“I am interested in the different perspective of ifa laboratory, I will be there on the 23rd of February. ifa laboratory proposes something different; how art can be a method for companies, neighbourhoods, people. I think and hope that the planned projects will create a dialogue, I am sure they present a valuable opportunity”. Patrick Menache, Macnash, supporter


This sounds great, I would like to be a patron!

Please find listing of works at the charity sale and prices here ! 

Installation view of works by Dimitrios Oikonomou at the charity sale exhibition (23 February – 26 March 2017)