Cultural Strategy

Cultural Strategy

A cultural strategy helps a city, government or region to decide how to invest in culture, for whom, why etc. It can also present objectives as social cohesion, cross sector collaboration, economic growth and innovation

A cultural strategy can also help a company to bridge with a target group.

We all live and breathe culture. Culture is the invisible language that separates and unites people. Culture speaks to the inner parts of the human being, to her heart and feelings, and to who she is. What can be better than culture, for reaching people in a meaningful way?

Cultural strategy can in this way be seen from an anthropological angle, aiming to understand the human being, cultures, traditions, values, assumptions, the depths that have made you who you are. This kind of cultural strategy is more profound and can be very powerful, creating cultural expressions that your target group need in order to sustain who they are.

See below a couple of examples of cultural strategy projects. The neighbourhood dialogue projects origin from the cultural diplomacy project “Engaging Through Art and Enabling Communities”. ifa laboratory conceptualised three new projects for the association Arts Lab Brussels for implementation in the Marolles neighbourhood in Brussels. This “neighbourhood dialogue programme” is realised with artists as co-creators; three projects having different strategies but the same objectives of establishing communication platforms for different communities in the area.

Everyone an activist
Neighbourhood dialogue I

If I had wings
Neighbourhood dialogue II

Transatlantic art lab
Neighbourhood dialogue III