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At ifa laboratory we know that artists are the experts in creativity. This creativity can through the tools and methods of artists and creators create the disruption needed for your company, team or organization to innovate and function better.

Any artist could not transfer the needed skills and visions. We are working with artists and creatives who have the awareness and the capacity to transfer their valuable knowledge to an audience outside the artistic and creative sectors.

The IBM study “Capitalizing on Complexity”, a global study (1541 CEOs, general managers and senior public leaders in 60 countries covering 33 industries) showed that they believe in “creativity” as the single most important leadership competency for enterprises seeking a path through a substantially more volatile, uncertain and complex world and society.

Adobe’s study “State of Create” was carried out among 5000 respondents in the US, Europe and Japan. Most respondents think that creativity is key to economic growth, more and more people feel that they are expected to be more creative at work. But how shall that happen? People do not have the tools. Time and money showed to be the biggest threats to creativity. The study also showed that companies with creative teams have 1.5 times higher chance of being leaders of their sectors than less creative ones.

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